Laguna Beach

A glorious beach city for those who enjoy simple pleasures.

Welcome to Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an upscale seaside resort and part of Orange County, California. Both residents and visitors savor their time here because of its romantic coves, impressive waves rolling onto a breathtaking beach, and the natural beauty that can only be found here. It’s truly a slice of paradise.


What to Love

  • Charming beach city appeal
  • Walkable beaches and sidewalks
  • Ideal for art lovers
  • Hip and trendy location just outside larger cities


Local Lifestyle

Laguna Beach is where the elite come to play. All year long, tourists may come and go, but those who call it home are the ones who truly get to appreciate its majestic beauty. The city covers only 8.84 square miles. Therefore, it has a modest amount of people who live there full-time. These residents live in luxurious beachfront homes, high-rise condominiums, or higher on the side of the mountain overlooking the fantastic city below. Residents who live more toward the middle of the city have a pleasant mix of modern homes and cottage-style homes with picturesque landscapes.

The true beauty of Laguna Beach is that residents can enjoy pleasant outdoor temperatures throughout all seasons. This means that most spend a lot of time strolling along the golden sands of the beach or exploring secluded coves. Other residents spend their time walking through town to enjoy the large variety of art exhibits that are as much a part of Laguna Beach as the beach itself.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

In Laguna Beach, there's no shortage of incredible places to wine and dine. Whether you're looking for something casual, but delicious, like Nick's Laguna Beach, or something more exotic. At Nick's Laguna Beach, you will find a large variety of foods from a Bistro Plate with Filet Mignon to Pan Seared Scottish Salmon that will melt in your mouth.

When you're willing to settle for nothing less than fine dining, The Loft is an impressive place to be. You can delight your taste palate with anything you want, including seasonal oysters, caviar, or Roasted Ora King Salmon.

When shopping, you are also going to be satisfied with all the possibilities. One option is The Shop. It is a quaint store that looks more like a country cottage, where you can find all the cutest beachwear, loungewear, and accessories you could ever need to accentuate your outfits.

Whether shopping for designer clothes or beautiful housewares, Amenah is the perfect place to shop. One of the coolest things about it is that most of the house decor, body soaps, candles, and other things are made locally by artisans who live in Laguna Beach.


Things to Do

In Laguna Beach, if you want a peaceful day on a beach that isn't overly crowded, you can visit Shaw's Cove. This perfect little paradise is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Those who dive here can go about 100 feet from the shore and enter a trench by going through an underwater arch. From there, you can see all types of sea life in their natural habitat. 

 If you want to come in off the beach or take time away from the parks, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a fun thing to do. When you visit here, you can see seals and sea lions that have been rescued, walk through a butterfly garden, and learn about everything you encounter.

If it's the art that you enjoy the most, then we recommend you visit the Laguna Art Museum. It is situated on the waterfront and features over 3,500 works of art that are on permanent display. This can satisfy your desire to view artwork until summer art fests start up again.

One thing that some residents look forward to is the weekly entertainment that can be found by visiting the Laguna Beach Saturday Farmers Market. There are booths set up everywhere that allow you to shop for fresh, organic foods, essential oils, and much more.

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